Adryana’s Latin American Food in Plant City

Latin Restaurants Plant City
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Searching For Latin American Food in Plant City? We found the place.

If you’re looking for unique and freshly prepared Latin American Food in Plant City then we highly recommend that you give Adryana’s a try on your next quest for lunch or dinner. Located in Plant City’s downtown historic district this restaurant has brought something long awaited to the town and all those in it who have been looking for something other than the usual chain restaurants that seem to be on every corner and at every turn. Restaurants: EAT

Latin American Food in Plant City

Been waiting for a great find in Latin American Food in Plant City? Try Adryana’s Latin American and Italian Fusion.

Adryana’s serves succulent dishes like Garlic Shrimp that are sauteed in white wine and garlic sauce. If you love shrimp then you probably also equally enjoy lobster. Adryana’s offers the perfect entree’ with their Lobster Arepa, which is prepared by poaching the lobster and cooking it with baby heirloom tomato garlic cream served with spinach over flour arepa which for those who don’t know, is a finely ground corn flour traditionally used to make things like tortillas.

Latin American Food in Plant City

Latin American Food in Plant City that offers a diverse group of offerings from their menu.

The offerings at Adryana’s Latin American & Italian Fusion are very diverse. I personally tried the pulled pork and because I am on a “low-carb thing” I made the special request to supplant the black beans and rice with a salad and buttery sauteed squash, to which our server, J.P. replied: “no problem, everything is prepared fresh by our chef, we don’t do pre-prep here.” Love it, so now let’s move on to the empanadas which are authentically prepared and served filled with beef or chicken. Now, though my “low-carb thing” prevented me from personally having a shot at one these, my co-diner, who did happen to be lucky enough to try one said they were “to die for.”

Latin American Food in Plant City

Latin American Food in Plant City offering a hard to find favorite like Fried Pork Chunks.

Some other entree’s you’ll find on the menu at Adryana’s Latin American & Italian Cuisine are items like Fried Pork Chunks “Vaca Frita”, Chicken Parmesan, a beautifully plated Paella and a Fresh Catch of The Day. For kids, they offered a traditional Spaghetti & Meatballs, Mac N’ Cheese, and a Bowlnada which is a Beef Empanada served with rice and beans.

latin restaurants plant city

Of course, latin restaurant and all, we had to try the flan which if improperly prepared can be a disaster. Adryana’s Latin American & Italian Fusion’s flan was just the opposite and met every standard for perfect density, texture, flavor, and caramelization. You absolutely must try their flan!

When you consider the quality of the food and the attention to preparation, the prices for each entree were more than reasonable making it so easy to take your whole family out for a dining experience that is unique, authentic and full of flavor in a world so saturated with chain restaurants.

Adryana’s Latin American & Italian Fusion is located at 115 E. Reynolds St. in Plant City, Florida and is open for lunch and dinner.

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Latin American Food in Plant City.