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Allergy Testing in Carrollwood

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Allergy Testing in Carrollwood. What you need to know.

If you’re looking for Allergy Testing in Carrollwood, then you should know that allergies affect a staggering 50 million people in the United States. Those who have allergies sometimes don’t even know what they are actually allergic to. So, finding out what you are allergic to is a very important first step to effective allergy treatment. Many people don’t seek help to find out what they are allergic to. Today allergy tests are more convenient and accurate than ever before. By combining a detailed medical history, a doctor can conduct allergy testing that will identify the specific things that trigger your allergic reactions. If you’re looking for allergy testing in Carrollwood you can make an appointment with Carrollwood Internal Medicine where they specialize in allergy testing. Atlantis: Health

Allergy Testing in Carrollwood

What are the side effects of allergy testing? Allergy Testing in Carrollwood.

As with any medical testing, there are always some risks. When testing for allergies using the skin tests some allergy symptoms might occur during the test. The most common symptoms are itching and swelling of the skin where the tests are. In rare cases, a more serious reaction can occur. That is why skin tests should be done by a specialist. The risk with allergy blood tests is pain or bleeding at the needle mark. Also, a few people may faint during blood testing.

Can you conduct allergy test in children? Who can be tested for allergies?

Adults and children of any age can be tested for allergies.

How is allergy testing done? Allergy Testing in Carrollwood.

Allergy testing can be done as skin tests or as blood tests. Usually, allergy tests are done under the guidance of an allergy specialist. These specialists are trained in the best methods for testing and treating allergies.

Allergy Testing in Carrollwood

Allergy Testing in Carrollwood. How do allergy skin tests work?

There are two types of skin tests. During the first type of skin test, a drop of a suspected allergen is pricked on the surface of the skin. The test is performed on the back or forearm. Many suspected allergens are tested at the same time. If you are allergic to one of the tests, you will have redness and swelling at the test spot.

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Allergy Testing in Carrollwood and test types of allergy tests.

Sometimes the doctor will recommend a second type of test. In this type, a small amount of the suspected allergen is injected into the skin of the arm or forearm. Several suspected allergens are tested at the same time.

Allergy Testing in Carrollwood

How long does it take to get skin test results?

Skin testing is fast. For both types of skin tests, positive reactions usually appear within 20 minutes. Sometimes redness and swelling can occur several hours after skin testing. The delayed reaction usually disappears in 24 to 48 hours but should be reported to the allergy doctor or nurse.

Find out what you are allergic too. Knowing what allergens trigger your symptoms can allow you to avoid the unecessary discomfort of allergy reactions.

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Allergy Testing in Carrollwood.