Worries of Possible Tampa Bay Church Shootings on The Rise

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In the aftermath of Texas, local residents worry more about Tampa Bay Church Shootings

It seems like every time you turn on the tv there is more breaking news with the sad report of yet another mass shooter scenario. Residents in Hillsborough and Pinellas county are increasingly worried about the possibility of Tampa Bay Church Shootings as they try and live their day to day lives without danger or incident. Atlantis Magazine: Explore Your World

Tampa Bay Church Shootings

Pray that Tampa Bay Church Shootings never make the headlines.

Although most news coverage seems to dice through all of the left wing calls for more gun control, it seems clear that this active shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas had his shooting and killing spree by a private citizen who was armed. Imagine the death toll had he not been prepared to act on behalf of his friends and neighbors. The outcome would have been even more tragic than it already was. Yes the unthinkable can happen anywhere and Tampa Bay Church Shootings have us all understandably worried.

Lowering the number of needless lives lost and how you might be able to help prevent Tampa Bay Church Shootings.

This causes one to wonder, how many less would have needlessly died had there been more armed citizens sitting in the church on that fateful Sunday? No one in their right mind wakes thinking “hey, I would really like to shoot someone today.” The very thought of doing such a thing should never come easy or feel good or right. What is right is saving lives and using deadly force to stop someone from harming or killing innocents is always the lesser of two evils. We’re all asking the question, what can I do to help prevent loss of life from Tampa Bay Church Shootings?

Tampa Bay Church Shootings

Tampa Bay Church Shootings. The first help may not come from a 911 call.

No well-placed 911 call can or ever will stop an active shooter. America trains and provides some of the best law enforcement officers on the planet but even with their best intentions to protect us, they are only human and squad cars can only get to the scene of the crime so fast. The first responder that can stop the threat, eliminate the shooter and save lives is going to have to be one of us. If you worry about Tampa Bay Church Shootings this may be a good time to get your head around the idea that the knight who rides in on the white horse might just have to be you.

active shooter at walmart

Tampa Bay Church Shootings. Learning gun safety, good training, and a concealed weapons permit could make Tampa Bay a Safer Place.

If you think about it, you rarely if ever hear that an active shooter was a card-carrying NRA member with a concealed weapons permit. Why do you think that is? It’s really very simple. Good, honest, and law-abiding citizens buy and carry guns for one reason, self-defense. They don’t rob banks or hold people up in Wal-Mart parking lots. They own guns as provided by the 2nd amendment to preserve life and liberty and are no threat to anyone who is not threatening to harm them. CWP holders are like the white blood cells in our bodies immune system ready to stop the deadly invader because they carry with them an equalizer and a chance to stop a deadly shooter with force that can turn the tide of evil in the opposite direction and literally achieve what a well-intended law enforcement officer would do if they could just get there in time.

Criminals will always have guns. Taking them from law-abiding citizens would have catastrophic consequences.

Criminals will always have guns and they will find a way to do evil things no matter what unconstitutional restrictions you try to impose on law-abiding citizens. It is my opinion that all good people who love and care for their family, friends, and community should, if able, get trained how to safely handle and use a firearm and get a carry permit. You may be the only hope the next time the unthinkable comes to town.


Getting a concealed weapons carry permit goes online. I enrolled in an online course and was certified by an NRA instructor the next day.

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Tampa Bay Church Shootings.