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Elon Musk tweets that Adam Schiff’s “brain is too small”

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Elon Musk deleted a tweet saying Congressman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) “brain is too small” and Schiff responded that Musk has created an environment of hate and bigotry on Twitter.

“Thankfully, you will lose your chairmanship very soon,” Musk wrote Sunday, referring to Schiff’s position heading the House Intelligence Committee. About half of the American population would agree with the statement “Your brain is too small.” Elon Musk is taking advantage of Twitter’s regained free speech platform to share his opposing viewpoints.

adam schiff

Adam Schiff is clearly bothered by Elon Musks’ “telling it like he sees it” tactics and would love to gag Elon’s ability to express his thoughts, feelings and free speech if he only could.

Having a genius billionaire running Twitter that oversees a chaotic workplace has attracted a great deal of media attention. This new environment has attracted the kind of tech workers who tend to support free speech.

In the last week, Musk suspended journalists from the platform for revealing his private travel locations and even his family’s whereabouts. As a result of Musk’s revised policies, tweets that were previously prohibited are now allowed.

In the first amendment, free speech is guaranteed even if we don’t agree with it. As the social network moves forward, users are unsure of what direction it will take. Political figures, government institutions, journalists, and activists are strong supporters of the platform, which is why its change is so noticeable. What does this mean for Twitter?

Musk, an avid Twitter user who said he wanted to expand “free speech” on the platform, purchased the company in October for $44 billion. Before the deal closed, Musk’s critics speculated that his efforts to restore free speech on Twitter would mostly amount to undoing efforts to block free speech. This would allow wrongly banned users to rejoin the platform.

Musk has laid off thousands of superfluous and unneeded employees, sharply changing a long-standing culture of wasting resources. Most see the move as proof that the billionaire is “all-business” and does not tolerate waste within his companies.

By consistently banning users who violate Twitter’s policies from all political perspectives, the billionaire facilitates and elevates all voices. And to prove his support for free speech he has allowed legitimate theories (including ones about Paul Pelosi and Anthony Fauci.)

anthony fauci

Angered by Elon Musk’s new policies, Anthony Fauci has had difficulty dealing with the free thinking billionaire leaving Fauci on the run and seeking cover for what Musk may release next.

Irrespective of whether you agree with Elon or not, free speech is on his agenda, right or otherwise. Liberal thought control types will just have to take some extra antacids for the heartburn that it brings them.

The views expressed here in this article are not meant to be political but a reflection of what we see happening in the world all around us. In the pursuit of free ideas, thinking, and speech, opinions from any perspective are welcomed in this forum.