How to eat better for lower blood sugar

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The importance of healthy eating for controlling blood sugar

A healthy eating plan for people with diabetes is not that different from one for people without diabetes. In their dietary guidelines for the general public, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes (peas and beans), and low-fat dairy products.

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To lower your blood sugar ou should pay special attention to your carbohydrate intake, however.

In addition to providing more nutrients per calorie, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains tend to be rich in fiber. As a result, your blood sugar rises more moderately when you consume high-fiber foods.

Lower your blood sugar by consuming 45% to 55% of your daily calories from carbohydrates.

A person with diabetes should consume about 45% to 55% of their daily calories from carbohydrates. Make wise carbohydrate choices – ideally, from vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. You should avoid highly refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, and rice, as well as candy, sugary soft drinks, and sweets. Blood sugar spikes caused by refined carbohydrates can lead to high triglyceride levels.

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Insoluble fiber can be found in whole grains and this can help lower blood sugar.

There are two kinds of fiber: insoluble fiber, which is found in whole grains, and soluble fiber, which is found in legumes, dried peas, oats, and fruits. As soluble fiber improves insulin sensitivity, it may lower blood sugar levels and reduce the need for diabetes medicines. Studies suggest eating plenty of fiber may reduce the risk of developing heart disease – and diabetics should do all they can to lower their risk.

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Eating three meals daily at regular times is part of a diabetes diet. By doing this, you are able to better utilize the insulin that your body produces or that you get as a result of medication.

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It is important to work with a registered dietitian if you want to customize your diet in accordance with your lifestyle, tastes, and health goals. In addition to advising on portion sizes based on your size and activity level, he or she can also help you improve your eating habits.