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SCHMOOZE – What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School

Written by Marie LeClaire
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In this inspirational chronicle, entrepreneur author, Cody Lowry shares how the events in his life led him to become a motivational force in the lives of others. Through humorous, real-life stories, he’ll arm the reader with a new definition of the word “schmooze” that will empower them to unleash their full potential. Jam-packed with real-life experiences such as how Cody set up a meeting with the President of the United States in one week, was chosen to carry the torch in the Olympic Torch Relay, received a Super Bowl ring from an NFL Hall of Fame head coach, and got a baseball signed by the Pope, this book is both entertaining and inspiring.

Schmooze is an upbeat and hilarious story, but the author’s story didn’t start out that way. As a child, Cody Lowry knew poverty, abandonment, and came from a family that moved 32 times within a seven-year period. Yet today, he’s a Pied Piper of positivity with advice for everyone on how to build relationships, have fun, and make each day count.

From left to right: Steve Doocy, Abby Huntsman, Cody Lowry, and Brian Kilmeade

Every chapter is a new adventure, a new story, and lessons learned, including Chapter One, Schmoozing Early. In this funny and heartwarming chapter, you’ll read how Cody started Schmoozing at a very young age while selling newspapers for the Miami News in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At a very tender age, Cody learned the value of being persistent, reaching out to the less fortunate, and from a sales standpoint, he learned that “no” doesn’t necessarily mean “no.” When this Artful Dodger look-alike would approach customers to buy his paper if they said no, he was prepared to give it another try. “Would you buy a paper if I told you where you got your shoes, what state you were born in, and how many birthdays you’ve had?” Who wouldn’t spend a nickel for all that information? “You’ve got your shoes on your feet, you were born in the state of infancy, and you’ve had just one birthday – the day you were born.” … pretty good value for five cents.

Expect every chapter to enlighten you, including Chapter Ten which covers what Cody refers to as the Essentials of Schmoozing. It’s about having fun, about being a pushover, about laughing at yourself, about paying a compliment, about staying relevant, and to never stop dreaming.

Cody Lowry’s unique perspective and superior storytelling skills will delight and inspire you. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you may even shed a tear. But more importantly, you’ll read about his travels, his ups and downs, and how he managed to pull off some truly incredible feats, such as being invited to audition for Saturday Night Live. Centering around self-improvement by growing meaningful connections and having a positive impact with everyone we encounter, Schmooze is a book that 2020 desperately needed. It is a must-read for everyone in these chaotic times, particularly millennials and Gen Z’ers who are in the beginning stages of their business or professional careers.

Schmooze has been coined the modern-day version of Dale Carnegie’s iconic book How to Win Friends & Influence People.

Schmooze gets a five out of five stars from me … read and enjoy it!

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