Ciccio Cali Riverview

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Ciccio Cali Riverview Bold Fresh Flavor

Ciccio Cali Riverview is a unique and different the kind of place that doesn’t seem to know how to disappoint diners. No matter how many visits you make to Ciccio Cali Riverview you’ll most likely find yourself on the receiving end of thoughtful, heavily rehearsed, and well-trained customer service. Atlantis:EAT

Ciccio Cali Riverview

Ciccio Cali Riverview A Place For Healthy “Bowl Culture”

Ciccio Cali Riverview offers up a crisp, upbeat, and hip atmosphere where you are surrounded by like-minded folks who share an affinity for clean & healthy food that also taste great. One of my menu favorites is the Spicy Brazilian bowl which features mouth-watering blackened chicken, seasoned black beans, fresh avocado, corn, cheddar cheese, sour cream, lettuce and lime caesar dressing.

ciccio cali riverview chicken wrap

On this visit, I also tried the Mexican Bowl which featured a nice heapin’ of succulent chopped chicken, seasoned black beans, tomato, avocado, sour cream, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and salsa. Good, good, and good.

Ciccio Cali Riverview

At only $9 this bowl was not only a good value but was also very tasty with good texture and flavor contrast.

Ciccio Cali Riverview California Chopped Salad

Ciccio Cali Riverview
Chopped crisp mixed greens, grapes, veggie and bell pepper mix, walnuts, gorgonzola crumbles and gorgonzola vinaigrette $6

Ciccio Cali in Riverview has a menu with many diverse offerings. Everything they serve up seems to focus on a particular spice or distinctive flavor. Healthy food that highlights the importance of taste. Ciccio Cali in Riverview also offers to diners a selection of wines for diners to choose from. For those who enjoy an outdoor setting Ciccio Cali has an open and airy patio that is pet-friendly.

Ciccio Cali Riverview

Ciccio Cali Riverview Pizza

Ciccio Cali Riverview has awesome pizza too. This half size pizza pictured below was very good with a thin and crispy crust that was covered in just the right amount of very flavorful pizza sauce and then topped with quality mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. The best part was that this was some seriously good pizza and the half size portion which is perfect for lunch was only $5 bucks.

Ciccio Cali Brandon Pizza

Make Sure You Check Out Ciccio Cali Riverview 

If you haven’t been to Ciccio Cali, you should definitely check it out. For you Epicureans interested in having at all, you can actually taste it all, bowls actually. Sample all of the bowls offered on the Ciccio Cali menu. Check them out on Tuesday and for only $2 bucks a pop you can sample any of the different bowls that you want. Worth every penny and cool place to go and enjoy fun surroundings with inside and pet-friendly patio seating too. We love Ciccio Cali and look forward to many happy returns.

Ciccio Cali Riverview offers a comfortable and airy patio that is pet-friendly.

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pet friendly restaurants brandon florida

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Ciccio Cali Riverview.


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