Take an African Safari With Maniago

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Take an African Safari With Maniago and Keep a Promise to Yourself.

“A Personal Promise… Maniago Safaris”
Take an African Safari With Maniago. Who hasn’t dreamed of falling asleep among the stars and sounds of wild animals crying in the night? Who hasn’t promised themselves, even in secret, that they would one day wear out the soles of their boots hiking and exploring the rugged and mysterious continent of Africa?

When was the last time you had a window seat on the plane on final approach noticed that there was a herd of elephants sauntering by less than 150 meters away? What seems to be the universal dream of almost every person born with a natural wanderlust is the daily business of the Maniago Safari Company.

Whether by road, by air, or on foot, in National Parks or Game Reserves, in luxury lodges or in luxury tented camps, a safari never fails to provide one of the most exciting experiences in one’s lifetime; Maniago Safaris is simply one of the best.


From Maniago’s base in the very center of “Safari Africa” and with a close network of partners, Maniago Safaris is able to plan, manage, and operate itineraries throughout the continent and Indian Ocean islands.

Maniago has, for many years, planned and organized the travel arrangements- both inbound and outbound- of individual travelers and groups with a style and competence borne of many years of travel experience both on the African continent and overseas.

Maniago even handles the logistics of film production. Many films and documentaries are filmed in Eastern Africa. With its diverse countryside, abundance of wildlife, spectacular tropical beaches, and unique cultures, it is a film-maker’s paradise.

With strong experience and imagination to assist in site locations and advise on unique features of their region, you need to look no further than Maniago. With expert guides of Maniago, you will find your way to all the diverse creatures that roam the surface of perhaps the most mysterious place on earth. The shutter on your camera clicking incessantly…taking home pictures like these that may well reside in your photo album forever. But perhaps even more priceless are the memories and the images of a place that you will have visited not only in your mind, but this time in reality. Promise kept.

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