The Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

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The Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida – Since 1974, Where Have You Been All of My Life?

The first thought I had when I walked into the Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida was that the decor and surroundings seemed to be fitting of its name. It had a natural low light feeling, which I love because I hate garishly lit places. The decor was replete with images and custom themed sculptures that set a very laid back tone reminiscent of the 70’s and was also backed up and supported by music and other artwork that was also themed to match this places name. Actually, I think I heard three Bob Marley tunes in one hour, and that’s always a good thing. The bottom line is diners today are not only looking for great food, but also unique and different dining room experiences and the Mellow Mushroom delivers in that category. Atlantis Magazine:EAT

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida Interior Entrance

Some quick research revealed that the Mellow Mushroom had its debut way back in 1974 when two college students who attended Georgia Tech and one from the University of Georgia partnered up to give birth this now well known, multi-geographic pizza phenom. (Source Wikipedia)

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

mellow mushroom pizza

With their first Mellow Mushroom Restaurant opening on Spring Street in Atlanta, GA that quickly enjoyed constant long lines and popularity. People love pizza, calzones, pasta, and salads. So to remedy the crowd issue, they added new locations in and around Atlanta, during the late 1980s, which were just as popular and as they say, the rest was “history.” The way mushrooms pop up overnight seemed to be happening in the dining world with The Mellow Mushroom, PUN intended. The Mellow Mushroom in Brandon is a popular destination for Pizza, Calzones, Salads and Soups.

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida Serves up Pizza, Pasta, Soups, and Salads

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

Cheese Calzone at the Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

Although the Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida specializes in pizza, they also offer incredible calzones, signature salads sandwiches, and appetizers. Diners can also try out individual slices that are available during lunch Monday through Friday. Good food almost always comes with a wait, so expect one if you arrive at peak dining hours. The good news is, it’s worth the wait. Stop by the Mellow Mushroom with your family and friends.

Magic Mushroom Soup at the Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida

I tried the Magic Mushroom Soup (which was amazing), cheese calzone, garlic bread and one Enlightened Spinach Salad. All the food was actually quite tasty, I thought it was neat how their calzone was fully wrapped around a nice generous tub of marinara sauce in the center. Nice presentation, tasted even better. Just one example of the creativity offered on the menu at the Mellow Mushroom in Brandon.

Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida.

Enlightened Spinach Salad at the Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida. Serving Pizza, Pasta, and Calzones.

The Mellow Mushroom is definitely worth the trip and any wait times, the prices are fair, and they deliver a uniquely fun and hip atmosphere which always adds to the whole experience. Good for you Mellow Mushroom, Brandon, keep it going, we’ll definitely be back for more.
The Mellow Mushroom Brandon Florida is located at 10959 Causeway Blvd
Brandon, FL (813) 685-1122.

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