Experience an intoxication that only Paris can deliver.

paris travel story
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Paris is truly the city of lights.

Paris, the city of lights, is known for its cultural heritage and enchanting landscapes. Escape to this iconic Parisian getaway with these tips on where to eat, drink and shop like a local.

Paris is a city of culture and luxury.

Paris is more than just the City of Light: it’s also the city of culture and luxury. There are plenty of Paris travel guides in existence, but we wanted to find out where most travelers like to eat, shop, and stay in the World’s favorite city. With that in mind, where can you stay eat, shop, and visit across the arrondissements.

paris travel story

The Eiffel tower. Notre Dame. The Champs- Elysees. These are just a few of the iconic landmarks that make Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Paris is a city that inspires and enchants.

From the world-renowned Opéra Garnier to the Eiffel Tower, Paris is a city that inspires and enchants. A true city of love and fashion, it also has some of the best museums, fine arts, and exquisite dining in the world today.

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The City of romance is also a city of fantasy. Either you are in Paris to capture your most cherished dream or to fulfill your fantasies.

Paris rivals Vienna for sheer beauty.

Paris is a city that – like the French – puts its best foot forward. Rambling cobbled laneways meet grand boulevards where triumphant monuments to victories past stand unscathed from the battles that followed. Paris rivals Vienna for sheer beauty. Stunning buildings appear to have gobbled up the world’s finest art treasures; towering basilicas showcase the most impressive stained-glass windows you’re ever likely to lay eyes on.

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No place on earth blends history and artistry quite like Paris.

Designers, dreamers, and lovers of all things beautiful will be inspired by Paris’ unique energy. Paris is the ideal weekend escape for romantic travelers on a quest to find beauty at every turn.

From the Louvre to the Luxembourg Gardens, from its sloping architecture to its high-end boutiques, no place on earth blends history and artistry quite like Paris. Travelers love to share their favorite places—from hotels and restaurants to shops and sites—for expats and tourists alike.

paris the city of lights

In the French capital, you can find the perfect souvenir for yourself or a gift for someone special. Here are some great ideas to help you find that ultimate souvenir or gift in Paris.

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